Meie tehnika

One of the specializations of "Andruse Hulgikaubanduse OÜ" is the renting of construction machinery:


1. Rent the amount fixed in the contract value. List prices do not include VAT. Landlord reserves the right to change prices.

2. The unit must be returned to the lessor clean, otherwise the device clears the owner by the tenant.

3. Tenant shall not without the prior written consent of the lessor's right to work to provide tools and equipment to third parties and transfer rights and obligations under this agreement.

4. Tenant shall pay rent for the leased equipment after the return of cash or bank transfer after the bill completed. For long-term lease payments are charged for every 7 days.

5. In cases of late payment of the amounts contained in the lease the lessee shall pay interest to the lessor of 0.5% unpaid amount for each day of delay. Fines paid by the lessor in interest rates.

6. The landlord is not responsible for the use of equipment during the lease at the time of the tenant or any third party for any direct or consequential damages.

7. If the tenant violates this agreement, the landlord has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and pick up the rented unit without the consent of the tenant.

8. Compliance with this Agreement to resolve any dispute through negotiations. In the absence of agreement shall be resolved according to the law of the Republic of Estonia.

9. This agreement shall be signed the tenant, which proves compliance with laws and legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

10. If after signing the contract, it appears that the contract signed by the person referred to in the preceding paragraph, it is responsible for this agreement personally.

11. This contract is in duplicate, one copy to the lessor and the other tenants.

12. Tenant acknowledges that it knows about the operations of the leased equipment and safety regulations and releases the lessor from any claims.